Diamondback 180 Tonneau Cover

Diamondback | 180


The Diamondback 180 tonneau cover has butterfly doors that run the length of your truck bed, so you now have complete and open access to your entire bed from each side of your truck. The butterfly doors also open to at least 45 degrees, allowing you to work and play directly out of your truck without having to crawl into the bed itself.

Optional storage bins can be installed underneath the access panels, and come in three profiles: an 8"-deep, single-side bin, a 4"-deep, single-side tray that includes an 8" trough for smaller items, and a 13"-deep cross bin.  The Diamondback 180 cover is also made with high quality .080" 3003 aluminum, allowing you to carry 400 lbs on top if need be.  

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