Diamondback 270 Tonneau Cover

Diamondback | 270


Part gull-wing style toolbox, part hinged truck bed cover, the DiamondBack 270 features a unique three-hatch design. These three large access panels make for easy access to all your cargo all the way around your truck. Optional aluminum storage bins can be placed underneath the gull-wing doors of the DiamondBack 270 truck bed cover, and are available in three sizes: an 8" deep bin, a 13" deep crossover bin, and a 4" tray with an integrated 8" tool trough. These storage bins are made to help keep you and your things organized, so you can spend less time searching and reaching for things and more time doing things.

The DiamondBack 270 truck bed cover can handle up to 400 lbs. on top, meaning you can use it as a work surface and a hauling platform. The DiamondBack 270 truck bed cover keeps water your truck bed using a neoprene compression gasket around the perimeter. Gutters underneath the hinge points channel water runoff away from your bed when you open the cover's access panels. With a DiamondBack 270 truck bed cover, the stuff in your truck bed will stay dry no matter what weather is falling from the sky.

Also available with a black Armaguard Heavy Duty Sprayliner costing for even more additional protection and a complete different look for your cover.

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