Diamondback SE Tonneau Cover


You always have things in your bed like golf clubs, tools, and other items. The DiamondBack SE truck bed cover is designed for people who want to keep all their options open. Now you can haul the unexpected like furniture or supplies for the weekend project but still keep those everyday items in your bed. Using the same, great design of the standard LT model but increasing the strength of the aluminum panels, the SE model allows you to carry up to 400 lbs on top of the cover.  It'll hold up to sleet, snow, freezing rain, ice, hail, and whatever else you or Mother Nature wants to throw at it.

The DiamondBack LT tonneau cover has two detachable access panels, weighing only up to 30 lbs. each, that are easy for one person to remove and store. The panels connect with stainless steel locking hinges that prevent detachment until the panels are tilted past 90 degrees.  The included tie-down cleats give you a range of options for securing any type of cargo, while the locks on each removable panel provide the security you need.

Available with Armaguard Heavy Duty sprayliner protection, the SE model from Diamondback is an incredible choice for any application.

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