Atomic 13 Wishbone 10' Snowmobile Trailer

Karavan | Atomic 13 10' WB


Overland Truck Outfitters is pleased to now be carrying Karavan snowmobile trailers at Manitoba's best prices.  If you need a snowmobile trailer in the greater Winnipeg area, Overland has got you covered.  Karavan introduces the most techologically advanced snowmobile trailers that will revolutionize the industry.  The Atomic 13 Wishbone Series are light, strong and has a more rigid design that will keep your sleds safe and ready for action, while the tilt feature provides a much easier loading/unloading system.  The best quality at the best prices.

Karavan snowmobile trailers are the trailers you want carrying your snowmobiles. Why? Reliability, safety and performance make Karavan the obvious choice to hook up to your tow vehicle and head for snow. Plug wiring with rubber mounted lights and the sure-lube grease system make maintenance tasks simple and easy. Along with the use of quality materials like marine grade plywood and heavy grade aluminum, Karavan and Overland give you the easiest-to-use snowmobile trailer to get you and your family to your fun in the snow destination.

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