Overland Truck Outfitters is Winnipeg, Manitoba's largest supplier of sliding truck bed systems.  From the popular BEDSLIDE models, to the afforable CargoEase brand, Overland has a sliding bed for any application.  The sliding bed systems come in a large range of carrying capacities, from 800 lbs to 3500 lbs.  If you need a way to organize and access your cargo, Overland Truck Outfitters has you covered!

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DECKED Truck Bed Organizer

Decked | Truck Bed

Bedslide 1000 Series

Bedslide | 1000 Series

Bedslide 2000 PRO HD

Bedslide | 2000 PRO HD

Bedslide 1500 PRO CG

Bedslide | 1500 PRO CG

Cargo Ease Heritage Sliding Bed

Cargo Ease | Heritage

Bedslide 800 EXT

Bedslide | 800 EXT

Cargo Bed Roll Out Beds

Cargo Ease Commercial Sliding Bed

Cargo Ease | Commercial Grade

Cargo Ease Titan Sliding Bed

Cargo Ease | Titan

Cargo Ease Dually Sliding Bed

Cargo Ease | Dual Bed

DECKED Van Storage System

Decked | Van Storage