DECKED Truck Bed Organizer

Decked | Truck Bed


Storing and accessing your stuff needs to be easy.  DECKED developed a system which raises the deck, allowing you to store your tools, hardware and other items securely and out of the way, and out of the weather while having full use of the rest of your truck bed. Your time is money and being more efficient and working with less effort allows you more time and energy off the clock to do what you really love.

It takes a lot of toys to have a lot of fun.  With DECKED you can store your rods, guns, skis, boards, sleeping bags, camp gear, tailgate party “items” or whatever else you need. Whether it be at the lake, ocean, mountain or parking lot you can pretty much bring everything – including your girlfriend. Have a cold one on the top, lock your aspirin underneath, park your four-wheeler above and stash your pride below. It’s up to you, how are you going to use your DECKED?


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