Diamondback ATV Loading Packages

Diamondback | ATV Load Kits


The Diamondback ATV Loading Packages allow you to easily load, transport, and unload your ATV right on top of the Diamondback HD tonneau cover.  The loading ramps included with the Diamondback ATV Packages are 12' long so the incline is less than most tailgate ramps, and they feature a 3" side wall which helps guide your tires and keep them on the ramp for safety.  The ramps are made of 6061 grade aluminum and are rated for 1600 lbs to handle most ATV's.  The short box truck packages come with a cab guard to protect your rear window, and have tie-downs to secure the ATV.  With long box trucks, Diamondback offers side rails for the transport of two ATVs mounted from the side of the truck, along with the adaptor rails to mount the ramp.

 All Diamondback ATV Loading Packages come complete with everything needed to load an ATV (or two), and allow the entire box space underneath the cover to be used to transport whatever else you need.

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