Diamondback HD Tonneau Cover


The DiamondBack HD truck bed cover boasts a 1600-lb. hauling capacity on the top. It's a heavy duty hauling platform that's good for transporting ATVs, snowmobiles, lumber, step ladders, furniture-virtually anything. Think of your truck bed as a double-decker with twice the space to haul cargo, while being incredibly secure.

The key to the Diamondback HD is seven structural support members which spread cargo weight out over all four bed rails of your truck. They're essentially the "ribs" of the truck bed cover, spaced out beneath the cover to give it strength unmatched by any other tonneau cover on the market.  Coupled with a .100" 3003 aluminum panel construction, four cleat tie-downs, and removable panels, no other cover on the market today is as functional and durable as the Diamondback HD.

Available with a black Heavy Duty Armaguard Sprayliner coating for a different look, and even greater strength.

For all of those that want a truck bed cover for work or play, the DiamondBack HD is the top-of-the-line heavy duty cover that helps you do more with your truck. Perfect for the truck-owning avid sportsmen, outdoor enthusiasts, and weekend project warriors.

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